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Live Gelato Bar / Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Station INCLUDES:
3 types of Ice Cream Varieties / ICE Cream or Gelato
Presented in ICE CARVING Display / Served by a Chef
Select your own ICE Cream Varieties:
Station includes unlimited servings for 2 hours, for the number of guests ordered.

Personalized Engraving on the Ice Carving Display
( ie : Robert's Gelato Bar / Ice Cream Flavors, provided the Ice Cream / Gelato flavors are selected at least 1 week prior )
• Waffle Cones
• Wafer Cones
• Sprinkles
• Colored Sugar
• Crushed Smarties
• Crushed Oreos
• Chocolate Chips
• Caramel Topping
• Chocolate Sauce
• Strawberry Sauce
Minimum quantity; 200 Guests

Price starts at $ 2.50 per person (which includes the Ice Carving Display)