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The sculpture and service were first class and it went over awesome!!!" Oshawa Generals Owner

The sculpture and service were first class and it went over awesome!!!
Thank you!! We will definetly use you again!
All the best!

Rocco Tullio
Rock Developments
19 Amy Croft Dr. Unit 201
Lakeshore ON
N9K 1C7

Date; Aug. 1st 2015
Location; Windsor
Event; Corporate / Baseball Victory Celebrations
Our Products; Custom Color Filled Ice Luge

Hi Gamini, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Your customer service

Hi Gamini,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Your customer service, product, delivery and service were amazing!
I believe Moses was the gentleman that delivered the ice, and he was fantastic. He explained everything to me, and double checked with me several times that I was comfortable with positioning and placement before he left. I was nervous of all the moving pieces coming together, and he was on time, professional and courteous.
The event was a success and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out
Your company made this experience for me rather delightful.
Thanks again,

Sonja Markovic
Senior Administrative Assistant
Plenary Group

333 Bay Street | Suite 4920 | Box 18 | Toronto, ON M5H 2R2
Date; June 23rd 2015
Location; Solarium
Event; Corporate
Our Products; Custom Snow Filled Ice Logos

Event Planner / Coordinator / Event Venue Ordering Procedure

If you are an Event Planner, Banquet Hall Owner or Hotel / Banquet Manager please contact us directly at 416.332.8339 or email us at: info@goldenchef.ca in order to make arrangements to enjoy the discounted volume prices and other benefits available.

How about the tear down services such as for Ice Carvings?

These services are specifically mentioned in your Contract. In most case this services are provided, but may vary depending on the location, product and the price.

How about allergy concerns?

Please specify any specific allergy concerns at the time of ordering. We will try our best to accommodate within our controllable stages. However outsourced products such as Chocolate, Dairy & etc, are beyond our control.

Do the Customers need to follow up on confirmed bookings?

It is highly recommended to follow up with our Sales Team, at least 3 days prior, as final timings, lay outs and details may have changed without our knowledge. Also inform us your specific contact person (event coordinator) at event location and also have our contact info with him/her for any emergencies

Do you accept last minute orders?

We cannot guarantee on this, as many Saturdays gets booked well in advance. However we try our best to accommodate last minute orders. For special products such as Sweet tables, we undertake only a limited number of bookings to maintain our standards and quality. It is always good to talk to us as early as possible and book your event, to avoid any last minute challenges.

What happens if a Fountain malfunctions?

Of course these things happen, as any machine can breakdown or malfunction. At GoldenChefs, all our Fountain services are backed by a back up Fountain, so that we are pro-actively prepared with any emergencies. We can continue the Fountain service within 15 minutes, if the original fountain causes any challenges.

Setup Information & Requirements

The required list of necessary items/power etc will be mentioned in your sales contract. As a standard we do not provide tables, table cloth, and cutlery. It's the responsibility of client / event coordinator. If you need rental of such items please coordinate with our sales team and they are more than happy to assist you.

What type of Payment Options do you take?

Payment can be made by MasterCard, VISA, Amex, and Certified Cheques or by Cash.

Booking & Payment Details

Clients needs to pay a deposit of 50% as earliest possible, to get our confirmation on order acceptance. Orders are only accepted as inquiries, until this deposit is paid. The deposit will give us a guarantee to reserve our day for your unique event for our unique products. The remaining 50 % must be paid upon delivering our promise at the event location (prior to the event). Wedding Cake orders have a different payment method. Please refer to Wedding Cakes & Sweet Tables page for more information. All live demonstration events will be confirmed only upon the full payment.
Unless otherwise agreed the balance will be charged to the same credit card.

How can the Customers order a product?

You can order via email, phone, and fax or in person. Orders are accepted only upon receiving a 50% deposit. The balance is due upon delivery of our promise. However for Wedding Cakes, please refer to specific payment info under Wedding Cakes details. For, Catering, Waffles, Crepes & Sweet Tables, the final payment is due at least 7 days prior to your event. For Live Carvings & Demos, full payment is required, at the time of the booking.

How do you transport?

We have our own temperature controlled fleet of delivery vehicles.

How about if customers, have a bundle of products?

It is advisable to inform, the specific timings for each product, so that we can plan accordingly. For an example the Ice Carving or the Wedding Cake may be needed by the Reception time and the Sweet Table, can be ready by mid night. With similar cases, we do our delivery more than once, as per the needs of the product & the services and may be priced accordingly.

How do the customers plan their delivery times?

The best option is to inform us the guest arrival time. Accordingly we can plan our logistics specifically. For certain products we cannot come very early, such as for Ice Carvings, but for Sweet Buffets & Food Items, we prefer to be at the location, at least 1 hour prior to the ready by time.

Who is the master or designer behind your Company?

We do not believe in a master, as we strongly believe in team work. All our quality products and services are efforts from everyone within our company. We have a great team, with unique talents, working towards the same goal. They are designers to artists, from Computer Geeks to Carvers and from Logistics to Events set up members. The only thing common among us, is that we love what we do.

Is your Company a Franchise and do your offer any franchise ownership available?

We are not a franchise. We are totally dedicated, passionate people.
We do not believe in offering any franchises, as we believe that true art cannot be franchised with love & passion.

Why do the Customers see many BRAND names for various products within your Company?

Our legal registered Company name is Ontario GoldenChefs Ltd.
Wedding Cakes & Sweet Tables: CAKE GUYS Brand: www.cakeguys.ca
Ice Designs: ICE GUYS Brand: www.iceguys.ca
Food and Other Products: GOLDENCHEFS Brand: www.goldenchefs.ca
This is to segment our products accordingly, to separate them, so that it is very easy for our customers to identify and to recognise. End of the day all the products and services are managed and produced under one roof.

How long is your Company in Business?

We are in business since 2004 as a registered Company. However, previously our owner was doing individual contracts among his known friend & clients, since 1996.

What is your Company’s peak busy period?

In general, we are busy year around.Going through our history, our busiest period is from April to October with Weddings. Then October to December becomes busy with corporate events. Jan – March becomes busy with Winter Festivals

Do you have your own Employees or are they contracted?

Yes, we have our own Employees working year around.

Is your Company Registered and/or certified?

Yes, we are a registered Company within all Levels, from federal to provincial to City. All our Employees are also insured under the WSIB.

Are there any delivery charges?

 Yes there could be, depending on the event's location and date. Standard delivery price is around 1$ per KM, from our Woodbridge Location.

Can the Customers visit your Offices and Production Facility?

Yes, of course. Our Sales Team, will walk you through our admin, pricing & designs as per your needs. Admin Hours are posted in our contact page. We also try our best to accommodate other times, if previously arranged. For samplings, tastings and to see our complete front of the House in action, the best day to visit is during our Open House. We have an Open House, once in every month, which we have chefs preparing Belgium Waffles to Crepes Suzette , from Chocolate Fountains to Caramel Fountains and from Cake tastings to standard Ice Carvings. Samplings & tasting request on any other day may have a nominal charge.

Do you have a standard catalogue and a pricing List?

We try our best to have a catalogue; however each event is unique for us. Our web site will guide you through our past creations, which has individual numbers. We have also included our standard pricing under prices, which helps our customers to budget accordingly. However it is advisable to get a precise quote, after consulting our Sales Team.

Can the Customers walk through the entire process via phone & / or Email?

Yes, most of our clients prefer to follow the e-method to save time and money. Deigns and artwork can be communicated via e-method, upon order confirmation. However, if tastings and samplings are required, you are more than welcome to visit our Open House.